MDF Traditional Rajasthani Decorative Ram Ram Sa Welcome Men Cutout With Engraving Design for DIY-12 Inch

Rs. 199 Rs. 299

  • Rajasthani Ram Ram Sa Welcome Men (12 X20 – 1 Pc).
  • Welcome Men Pre Marked Wooden MDF Base (12 X 125 Inch – 1 Pc).
  • Material: MDF Wood.

        Kids Mind Creativity & Home Decorative Product

brings you perfect DIY and Ready to use MDF Bases and all types of Laser cutout of MDF which can be used for Decoupage, Mixed Media, Scrapbooking, Tags, Stenciling, Stamping, Colouring, Painting, Spray Painting, Chalk Painting, Acrylic Painting, Dot Mandala Painting, Dot Painting, Single stroke Painting, Glittering, Creating Textures and Layers, Embellishments, Sequences, Miniatures, Sculpture Painting, Alcohol Ink Painting, Beads Art Painting, Clay Art, Beads And Laces, Can be used in Albums, Photo Frames, Wall Decors, Home Decors, As an Activity for Kids, Decorating your hand made craft projects And many more to flaunt your Skills.

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